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Welcome Tatiana's World of music.

At your service I offer an experienced music teacher with post-secondary education and extensive experience in all things related to not only piano lessons, but also pedagogy in general. If you are more than 5 years of age and you are eager to learn to play piano I gladly await you at my private music lessons.

Individual approach.

This is a difinitive advantage of private lessons. Music lessons should not be treated with a conveyor belt approach, because that way the soul, which is the most important thing, is lost. For each student an individual program is devised and lessons are held twice per week. The important thing is to open up the individuality of each student, to teach love and taste of music, to teach listening to the classical works and to understand them, to be able to enjoy the beauty of sounds and to share this pleasure with others.

Lessons according to an engaging methodology.

My credo: Most important is the spark in their eyes.
To this purpose, based on my experience, I develop a unique method of training (including carefully selected compositions, facts of music history and the lives of great composers) for my students of all ages.

In the home environment.

For music lessons attitude is crucial. No haste and coercion. Soft carpet, slippers ... aquarium. And smiles on faces. Even the most shy student will be able to feel liberated and dive into the wonderful world of sounds.

... And we will not just play.

Music lessons are a way to touch the ocean of history and culture. And the teacher is a pilot in the world of beauty and harmony. I will be pleased to go with you on this exciting journey.

Thanks to my private lessons you will learn how to play for fun and love music. And you will be able to astound your friends and relatives at any gathering.

Warmest thanks for your time,
Always yours